Bangkok Food Truck

Authentic Thai Food

Allergy Information

Nut Allergies

All items are nut FREE!

EXCEPT for the following:

  • Chicken Cashew
    *contains cashew nuts
  • Pad Thai *contains peanuts
  • Massaman Curry *contains peanuts
  • Som Tam *contains peanuts

If you are susceptible to anaphylactic shock, please refrain from consuming our products. We take extreme caution when handling food but we work in confined spaces and peanuts are present in several parts of our kitchen.

Dairy Allergies

All items are dairy FREE!

EXCEPT for the following:

  • Pork Curry Cutlet *may contain concentrated milk
  • White Rice *contains butter
  • Fried Rice *contains eggs & butter

Vegan Options

  • Pad Thai *can be made without eggs on request
  • Spring Rolls *formerly contained traces of egg whites but have been substituted for flour
  • Curries *by request 1 day in advance

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