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Top 25 FAQs

Yes, we accept everything.

All the fresh ingredients are sourced locally. The spices and some dry ingredients are imported from Thailand.

While some bottled sauces we use have some form of monosodium glutamate we do not add MSG or artificial flavouring to any of our dishes.

May is a certified chef from the prestigious Oriental Mandarin in Bangkok. She also graduated with a culinary degree from BHMS in Switzerland. She is certified in food safety and food handing in New Brunswick. All primary staff hold a nationally recognized certificate in food handling and preparation.

We go above and beyond the standards set by the Department of Health. All staff have been trained in food handling and safety and are educated on the importance of allergies. May and Randy are borderline germaphobes so they NEED everything to be cleaned and sanitized all the time!

May is from Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand and has officially been a Canadian Citizen since 2010.

She won't say.

We take Celiac Allergies very seriously. In our prep kitchen, we use dedicated cutting boards and knives when handling products that are Gluten Free (GF). Normally, we do GF prep first to minimize the risk of cross contamination. All food items are stored in NSF approved containers and are always properly labelled.

The Pad Thai and Spring Rolls are our most popular items and are vegetarian. We can remove the egg from the Pad Thai to make it vegan. Please note, the Pad Thai does contain traces of fish sauce. We can also make the Asian Noodles and Curries Vegetarian.

Yes, we have a licensed restaurant/take out in Shediac at 634 main street (next to Dairy Queen).

All our items are dairy free with the exception of the rice. Our rice contains butter. Please specifically ask if there is butter in the rice. Everything else is good to go!

There are some items such as the curries and spring rolls that are prepared in controlled environments that would not have been exposed to peanuts. We take the same precautions we do with Gluten Free items as we do with peanuts. However, the working environment on the truck is small and there are peanuts in several parts of our kitchen. Please remember that we are mindful of these allergies and we do our best to minimize the risks, but if you are susceptible to anaphylactic shock, please refrain from consuming our products.

Yes, you may book us for a private event with or without the truck. The minimum order will depend on day, time, location, and season of your booking and whether we just cater or we take the truck but usually over $1,000.

Yes! We can take small office parties or larger groups. Depending on when you would like us there, we may just take the truck to your office and cook onsite.

We try to keep our locations consistent from week to week with the exception of special events. Our main page calendar is always updated and our Facebook and Twitter pages are also updated daily. That is the easiest way to find out where we are going to be on a particular day. Or you can just call us and ask where we are at (506) 229-8424.

Sometimes. From time to time, we may run specials based on available ingredients. They'll be posted on our facebook and twitter pages and of course on the truck.

While the end product may look simple, building a food truck is a very complicated and time consuming endeavour. We purchased our first truck in August 2012 and had it ready in June 2013. There are so many moving parts from electrical to plumbing to waste management, etc. that need to be planned and thought out. If you're interested, you can talk to us about it at the truck.

Our first truck, the white one, is a 1998 International Diesel. Our second truck, the black one, is a 2015 Ford.

No, we always get permission from the relevant authorities before we begin selling.

Thai food is a careful balance of spicy, sweet, salty, and sour. Thai's have a natural skill for mastering these elements and present them in every dish.

It is tolerable in the truck, however into November does get quite cold.

We are always on the look out for talented people. If interested, forward your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

While we have our set menu prices, some events require a % of sales and other events require steep fees for us to participate. As such, we need to increase our prices to be able to participate. Prices may also vary when we travel outside of Moncton.

At the moment, we can only deliver orders over $500.

Last update May 2017.


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